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Kinderbetreuer RaquelV

zuletzt aktiv: 30.06.2020

Kinderbetreuerin: Raquel

Angebot ist:aktiv
weiblich / 24
PLZ Ort:60323 Frankfurt

Betreuungsangebot: Babysitter

Betreuung von bis zu 3 Kindern im Alter von < 1 bis 16 Jahren.

Beschreibung des Angebots:Hi, I am currently Au Pair of three kids (6, 4 und 2 years old) in Frankfurt and I am looking for babysitting in the hours I marked as ,,free,, in my profile.

Montag/Dienstag/Freitag: available from 9:00 till 16:30 and if you need me at nights, from 21:00 on (except Friday abends, because I am not available).

Mittwoch/Donnerstag: available from 9:00 till 2:30 and if you need me at nights, from 21:00 on.

*Before working with this family I took care of 4 kids in a different family (When I lived in USA) and their ages were 5, 3, 1 and a half and a new born.

*As you can see I have more experience with younger kids, but if your kids are older I would happy to learn their routine.

*I speak English, Portuguese (native), Spanisch (advanced) and German (intermidiate).

*I am currently going to B-2 in Deutschkurs

If you are interested, I will be more than happy to help your family out.

Thanks in advance,
Sprachen:Portugiesisch (Muttersprache), Deutsch, Englisch
Stundenlohn:15 € bis 20 €
Anfahrt:maximal 25 km
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Kinderbetreuung seit:2 Jahren
Gleichzeitige Betreuung von:4 Kindern
Erfahrung in Altersgruppen:
Säuglinge (bis 12 Monate)
Kleinkinder (1-3 Jahre)
Kindergarten (4-6 Jahre)

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