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Kinderbetreuer Joyce S.

zuletzt aktiv: 29.05.2020

Kinderbetreuerin: Joyce

Angebot ist:aktiv
Alias:Joyce S.
weiblich / 56
PLZ Ort:12349 Berlin

Betreuungsangebot: Simply Joyce - I was a California State RN in the 80's.

Babysitter Tagesmutter Nanny / Kinderfrau Leihoma
Betreuung von bis zu 2 Kindern im Alter von < 1 bis 9 Jahren.

Beschreibung des Angebots:Soon 57 years old/married 26 years. Smart. Gets to work on time - if BVG does not strike. Am flexible. Lives in Berlin - beautiful Buckow! Am more than wonderful. Big cat fan. Rides bike or BVG. Super fit. I will not work in a smoker's household unless they smoke outside. Kids like me. I actually play with your kids. My families have almost all been in Berlin for a few years to work. Usually English speaking only. I have had a three newborns/few month old babies in my full care the last few years and loved it! I can also get near anywhere early depending on where you live. I like early mornings. I cannot write a "Rechnung". You need to write and meet the person, these profiles are not the way to go. I post no photo because I look scary - how you look doesn't interest me. All my documents are from the last job hunt. If I need new ones, I can apply for them. Temporary help is fine. Make me an offer. I have hardly worked since Covid 19. My family's kids should both be in school f.t. come fall. Bye.
Sprachen:Englisch (Muttersprache), Deutsch
Stundenlohn:15 € bis 20 €
Anfahrt:maximal 25 km
Selbstbeschreibung:Why? I could not work as a nurse when I got married - this is a people job and I like children.
Kann Kindern zusätzlich vermitteln:
Rad fahren
Andere (What a baby does. Silly question. I play cars, Legos, toy animals...)
Übernimmt zusätzlich:
Fahrdienst (z.B. Abholen von der Kita)
Kochen / Vorbereitung von Mahlzeiten
Einkaufen im Supermarkt
Besorgungen (Post wegbringen, etc.)
Kleine Haushaltsarbeiten
Aufsicht beim Schwimmen
Wäsche waschen
If you need a litle help, fine. Not a cleaning service. I do wash at home, no big deal. I know how to turn on a machine.
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Kinderbetreuung seit:11 Jahren
Gleichzeitige Betreuung von:2 Kindern
Erfahrung in Altersgruppen:
Säuglinge (bis 12 Monate)
Kleinkinder (1-3 Jahre)
Kindergarten (4-6 Jahre)
Grundschule (6-11 Jahre)
Mittelstufe (≥ 12 Jahre)

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Zusätzliche Angaben:If you want new documents, I'll get them. Other people's data I would never ever post.
Referenzen:They exist.

Bildung und Tätigkeit

Details:Went to San Francisco State University, California in the 80's, was an exchange student in Heidelberg, worked as a registered nurse, RN, in San Francisco, California.
Aktuelle Beschäftigung:I have a long time family. Both kids will be in school in the fall. I have hardly worked since Corona... Looking around.
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